A diaper CAN change a life.

One diaper at a time.

For more than 10 years, Diaper Train has been committed to improving the lives of children and families by providing direct access to diapers, ultimately working to end diaper poverty. As the only diaper bank exclusively serving Wake County, we believe that no family should ever have to worry about how they’ll get their next diaper

By The Numbers: 


diapers distributed since 2011


diapers distributed in 2023 (10% increase from 2022)


children served in 2023 (23% increase from 2022)


local agencies partner with Diaper Train to provide diapers to families

What access to diapers means.

The impact goes beyond the number of diapers we distribute each year. While we are proud of that number, change happens as we focus on creating a better response to diaper poverty. Because this is the reality many families in our community are facing:

one in two families have to make the difficult decision between purchasing food or diapers each month

hygiene items such as diapers are classified as “luxury items” and not covered by federal programs such as SNAP or WIC

access to diapers reduces mental and financial stress on caregivers, resulting in fewer cases of domestic violence

daycares cannot accept a child who doesn’t have a supply of diapers, leading to an increased number of work days missed by caregivers

access to diapers reduces negative child health issues by preventing infections, rashes and other illnesses