Putting diapers in the hands of those who need them.

Get Help

Your child is eligible if these all apply:


You are a resident and reside in Wake County


You have a current referral from a Diaper Train partner agency


The child is under 3 years old or is experiencing a medical need to continue diapers

How it works:

You are not eligible to receive diapers if you receive diapers directly from a Community Partner Agency.

Program Hours

Diaper Train serves individual clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am until 12:00pm.


Once you receive a text that you are eligible to visit, bring the following information:
Photo ID
Diaper Size(s)
Child(ren)’s Date of Birth


Diaper Train is located in Glenwood South, downtown Raleigh at the corner of Tucker St. and Boylan St. 616 Tucker Street, Saint Saviour’s Center. Parking available, entrance on Boylan Avenue.

I do not have a referral, what do I do?

Diaper Train does not permit self-written referrals. In order to participate in our program, here are organizations that might be able to help you obtain a needed referral.
Contact your Wake County social worker

Wake County Human Services, call 919-212-7000


First Presbyterian Church, call 919-833-4070


Your pediatrician can contact info@diapertrain.org to obtain a qualified referral

Referrals can be sent to Diaper Train via email, fax at 919-833-5500, or brought by the client at the first visit.

Referrals expire on the child’s 3rd birthday. An updated referral is required to continue
program beyond then.