Last week a mom, “Theresa,” came to us for diapers for the first time, as many moms do, but this mom was different.

Not only is she struggling to make ends meet (which is what always brings someone to our bright red double doors), but she’s also caring for 4 young children – one of whom has developmental delays – and a husband who’s battling cancer.8c08361d679e3b0dd625fb6cd5d0b095

Theresa cannot afford childcare, so she takes the children along when she drives her husband to treatment.  Because gas is expensive, she and the children wait in the car – sometimes for up to 8 hours – while he receives chemo rather than dropping him off and returning later to pick him up.

They may lose their housing since their bills keep piling up.  Something has to go.

Theresa’s world is very small and very, very difficult.

She has so much on her plate.

Providing diapers to Theresa may seem like the proverbial drop in the bucket, given her situation, but it takes one need off that full plate and allows her to focus on other things.  This is why what we do at The Diaper Train and at hundreds of other diaper banks nationwide matters.  It matters a lot.

Please help us help moms like Theresa.

Donating couldn’t be easier.